Yoga and Tantra

Yoga, Meditation and Tantra

A regular yoga and meditation practice is at the core of a healthy, balanced and peaceful life. I have various sessions exploring the yogic arts to help open and expand you into a practice that serves your mind body and soul.

Massage Yoga is a session that incorporates various passive yoga stretches that are supported with touch, massage and breath work. This session is fully clothed.

One hour session: AU$100

A regular yoga and meditation practice with a trained teacher can help you to live your best life while learning and practicing the tools to ensure a calm and peaceful mind and light heart. In these sessions I will adjust the yoga practice to your specific needs and learning objectives and guide you on many different mediation techniques and breathing practices all with the goal of establishing you in a solid daily practice where by I am no longer required. Classes will also contain philosophical yoga teachings and inspiration to transition into a more spiritual life.

One hour session: AU$100

Tantra in an ancient philosophy that is deeply rooted in the system of yoga. In modern times the emphasis of tantra has been on the sexual side, which essentially views the polarities of masculine and feminine as belonging in divine union with one another therefore teaching the student how to unify these within themselves then learn to do so with partners. For more information about the tantric work I offer, please be in touch directly.

“Catherine does what she does to help others. It is her quest and should be supported. She is selfless and should be praised for the contribution she makes to our collective spirituality and wellness.She is a goddess and a treasure to those who have been privileged to have shared her time and felt her spiritual love for other human beings.Her work towers above our mere contribution and as a goddess, deserves a crown

— John.

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